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Music I listen to

I love almost any kind of music. Mostly I like 50's through 90's pop/top 40. I'm also addicted to LimeWire for all my music needs.

I've been known to sing to cats while I clip their nails. My seasonal "classic" is "I'll be home for catmas." I also enjoy sing selected tunes from "Cats." I'm not so sure the cats are as enthusiastic about my vocal prowess image

Interesting facts about me

I know this will come as a shock, but I love animals!

Although I was not allowed to have pets as a kid (Mom's extremely afraid of cats and dogs), I found ways to get next to dogs and cats. At about age 7/8 I started walking dogs (black scotties) and was always interested in everyone else's pets. My love grew into pet sitting and now I have two dear kitty fur babies of my own (Sergio the tiger and Louie the black cat). Eventually I hope to have a place to live where I can add a canine fur baby to my family.

I am a member of several animal organizations but most of my time is taken up by the League for Animal Protection of Huntington (Huntington, Long Island, NY). I am a board member, cat caretaker (i.e. feed, medicate, clean and do adoptions) plus a dog caretaker (i.e. assist in behavior assessments, walk, train, groom, help place dogs and am the volunteer coordinator). I'm also a member and volunteer with LIGHT (Long Island GreyHound Transfer).

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    thank you- I am sitting here just admiring you to bits- thank you so much always for your help-I'll keep you updated!
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